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Aquatics Center

Alma has a uniquely designed indoor aquatic facility at its East Los Angeles Centro Estrella location equipped to serve children and adults with special needs. It is our belief that individuals can benefit both physically and psychologically through participation in specially designed aquatic activities, thereby enhancing their quality of life. Techniques utilized by trained aquatic personnel in the instructional aquatic classes are adapted to the needs and capabilities of the participants. Prior registration for classes is required.

Senior Wellness Aquatic Program

This class allows participants to do gentle aerobic exercise movements inside a warm water pool under the supervision of a trained instructor. The class encourages class interaction and participation through the exercise classes and special social gatherings. This is a non-clinical recreational program designed to accommodate the abilities of individuals with arthritis and other related muscle-skeletal illnesses. The class is designed to promote improved muscle strength, endurance and flexibility while maintaining independence, managing pain, and relieving symptoms. 

Future Swimmers Preschool

This is an exclusive class for children participating in the Alma Family Services Preschool Center. Children from our Preschool come in once a week and participate in a fun filled swimming class. They learn the basics of swimming and water safety from our experienced and certified instructors throughout the school year to prepare them for a safe summer in the pool or beach.

Future Swimmers Program

A class designed to teach and introduce children, ages 3 and older, to the competitive side of swimming. Children learn the basic swimming skills and progress to the more competitive strokes of swimming while also learning water safety and swimming etiquette. The class is taught under the American Red Cross guidelines by certified and experienced instructors.

Swim Readiness Family Class

For children 6 months to 3 years old, this class is designed to teach the parents to teach their children how to feel comfortable inside the water while also teaching them water safety knowledge and practices. The class develops water adjustment and facilitates learning how to swim at a later age via class participation and interaction with the instructor and other children. There must be a responsible adult family member in the water with each child.

Team Sports Aquatic Program

The Team Sports Aquatic Program is exclusive for the After School Socialization Training Program of Alma Family Services. Adapted skills and activities are taught to children and youth with special needs. Small groups participate once a week in learning basic swimming skills, water safety, water exercise, and socialization skills. Participants also learn swimming pool etiquette and proper behavior to facilitate their transition to go to public swimming pools, water parks, and other public places. The program sponsors four yearly Aquatic Invitational Events with the support and participation of other community organizations.

AltaMed Senior Buena Care Aquatic Program

Participants from AltaMed Senior Buena Care take part in an interactive aquatic exercise program designed to increase mobility, rehabilitation, and muscle maintenance through various body movements inside the water and encourages social interaction among the participants via participation in the class and special occasions social gatherings.