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Substance Abuse

Prevention, Education and Intervention

This program provides integrated mental health outpatient services and emphasizes close coordination and collaboration with existing and new substance abuse programs. Services provided may include:

  • individual, family & group psychotherapy
  • medication support
  • linkage to existing substance abuse programs & support groups

Target Audience includes:

Children, adolescents, adults and older adults

Program Objectives

  • Linkage and close collaboration with substance abuse programs 
  • Development of a written plan addressing each participants need for mental health / substance abuse services 
  • The development of a plan highlighting each consumer’s strengths, objectives and goals leading to an understanding of the pattern of relapse with strategies to sustain long term recovery

Direct provision of ongoing outpatient mental health services including medication support, case management and individual,family and group psychotherapy

Program Goals Accomplished By

The program employs a relapse prevention model focusing on the development of symptom management techniques in order to facilitate the consumer’s awareness, understanding and acquisition of skills to manage effectively mental health symptoms and clarify substance abuse relapse prevention strategies.

Prevention, Education and Intervention