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The Wellness Center at The Historic General Hospital

The Historic General Hospital of Los Angeles is now The Wellness Center! An icon of Los Angeles’ health care facilities since its founding in 1933, the General Hospital was a place of healing where millions of Los Angeles County residents received health care.

At the Wellness Center, Alma Family Services is collaborating with over 16 Wellness partners to build stronger communities and help individuals & families including those with special needs to thrive. Alma Family Services together with other organizations provide culturally sensitive programs to empower residents and patients to take control of their own health and lives.

At the Wellness Center, Alma provides a wide range of behavioral health counseling and support to children, adolescents, adults and their families promoting hope, wellness and recovery. In addition other resources are available for Center participants such as:

  • indoor and outdoor physical activities including fitness trails, jogging paths, exercise areas and fitness equipment
  • engagement in cultural activities and performing arts
  • development of useful healthcare skills and work experience
  • legal education, training and advocacy on health issues
  • Specialized health wellness education, counseling and case management

You will find additional information and resources available at: